11Apr / 2013

Fiji: Arrival

Bula! If there is one word you will learn on your trip to Fiji, that is it. If you find out only one thing about the Fijian people on your trip there, it is how welcoming they are. The flight into Nadi airport is quite a spectacular one – none of the cityscape I am use […]

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05Apr / 2013

Ryokan Sakamotoya, Nagasaki, Part 2: Food

In my last entry, I talked about our two-night stay in Ryokan Sakamotoya in Nagasaki. The package we reserved included a Japanese breakfast and dinner on both days. In this entry, I’ll talk specifically about the local shippoku cuisine (a cuisine unique to Nagasaki that blends Western, Chinese, and Japanese influences) we ate at the ryokan. Like […]

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26Mar / 2013

Japan Day 12: Cocowalk, Nagasaki

After a harrowing few hours at the Atomic Bomb Museum, Benian and I decided we needed to decompress a little and went to where we thought would be the polar opposite of the museum: a shopping centre with a ferris wheel called Cocowalk. Our first stop was at this cheery looking shop called Gindaco (銀だこ), […]

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